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More ClinicalKey Webinars in June

Learn more about the library’s new resource – ClinicalKey – register for a free online class in June:

ClinicalKey Product Training
Learn best practices and gain a comprehensive overview of ClinicalKey.
How To Get The Most Out of ClinicalKey
Explore various features, content and personalization capabilities to maximize the use of ClinicalKey at your institution.

The New Radiology Mobile App is Now Available!

The app is free to download and include major improvements and additions.
To download the new app visit the App Store or Google Play:

AppStore.png googleplay.png

Once downloaded, follow these easy steps for institutional access:


1. Connect to your institution’s Wi-Fi.

2. Go into app and hit "Settings."

3. Scroll down to "Authentication" and tap to authenticate.

4. Tap “Institutional” and then tap “Authenticate."


1. Connect to your institution’s Wi-Fi.

2. Go into app and tap “Menu” in the top, left corner.

3. Tap “Settings."

4. Scroll down to “Authentication” and tap to authenticate.

5. Tap “Institutional” and then tap “Authenticate.”


1. Connect to your institution’s Wi-Fi.

2. Go into app and tap the “Settings” icon on the top, right corner.

3. Scroll down to “Authentication” and tap “Authenticate.”

4. Tap “Institutional” and then tap “Authenticate.”

Please Note: The new Radiology app will install on your device as a new icon, rather than as updates to the existing app. The previous Radiology app will no longer be supported, and it is recommend you delete it before installing the new version.


Thank You for Using Us! Over 26,000 Articles/Books Supplied to Hospital Staff in 2012

In 2012, the health sciences library supplied Huntington Hospital physicians, nurses and employees with almost 19,000 journal articles and over 7000 accesses to print and online books. The library uses innovative linking technology to provide seamless access to electronic journal and electronic book subscriptions. Resources such as OvidSP, MDConsult, PubMed and UpToDate all link to the library’s full text journal subscriptions when available, saving clinicians time when they need to access information quickly. The library also provides A to Z and subject lists of electronic resources from the library’s website and online catalog.

Additionally, the library’s Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan service provides access to journal articles and the ability to borrow books that are not in our own collections. If the library does not have an article or book in its collection, it goes through a national network of libraries called DOCLINE to request the article or book from another library.

†This figure only includes statistics for journals the library is able to track usage. It does not include those journal articles, such as PubMed Central and other open access articles and archives, that we provide access to but cannot track usage.

‡ 2011 figures do not include Redbook online usage. Figures do not include statistics for those electronic books the library provides access to but cannot track usage (NCBI, DOAB, Pain Mangement, AORN Perioperative Standards, etc.)

Off-Site Access FAQs

Q: Can I get off-site access to the library’s resources?

A: Yes. Physicians can login via Citrix/Meditech or CONNECT for offsite access to all the library’s resources, see our Physicians Off-Site Access page to learn how. All other hospital staff have off-site access privileges to selected resources (OvidSP, MDConsult, Natural Standard and Gale Databases). To request off-site access to one or all of these resources use our Off-Site Access Request Form.

Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan FAQs:

Q: Who can use the Document Delivery/ILL services?

A: Any affiliated Huntington Hospital physician, nurse or employee in good standing is eligible to use Document Delivery/ILL.

Q: How much does it cost to use the Document Delivery/ILL services?

A:  For Huntington Hospital affiliated physicians, nurses and employees there is no cost to you to have the library order a journal article or book from another library. The library sometimes incurs copyright and service fees from other libraries but this cost is not passed on to our clients.

Q: What types of materials can be ordered via Document Delivery?

A: Almost any type of material (journal article, book or book chapter, audio visual) can be ordered, however, whether or not the library will be able to obtain your requested material depends on it being available from a lending library. Materials that cannot be requested from Document Delivery/ILL include electronic books, whole journal issues and electronic video/audio files.

Q: How can I order an article via Document Delivery?

A: There are three ways to order an article or book:

  1. Use the Document Delivery link from within an OvidSP database
  2. Email the library
  3. Fill out the Order an Article or Book form on the main page of the library’s website

JAMA Journals Now Freely Available

JAMA network journals can now be accessed by anyone from anywhere! All JAMA network journal content published during the past 12 months is now freely available via the JAMA Network Reader (http://jnreader.com). The JAMA Network Reader can be downloaded to a desktop computer, iOS or Android device (free registration is required.)

What’s more, selected content is freely available on the JAMA website (http://jamanetwork.com/), for issues older than 12 months. Free content includes all Original Research, Research Letters and Review articles. Sections still requiring a subscription to read include: Editorials, Invited Commentary, Editor’s Note, Editor’s Correspondence and Commentary.

JN Reader features include:

  • An Offline Library (save whole issues to your device/desktop for offline reading)
  • Bookmark individual articles for later reference
  • Email the link for an article to yourself or a colleague
  • Increase/decrease text size for ease of reading
  • Article Features button displays a list of figures, tables and/or supplemental content for each article

The JAMA Network journals include the following titles:

The library will continue its print and online subscription only for JAMA. For more information or questions, contact the library at: x5161 or text us at 626-344-0542.