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AMA assembles Ebola resources for physicians & public

The American Medical Association has created an Ebola Resource Center that links to information from the CDC and other public health groups.

Resources for Physicians/Hospitals cover:

  • Understanding the virus
  • Preparing your hospital or practice
  • Screening and diagnosing Ebola
  • Treating patients with the virus

Resources for the Public include:

  • Ebola basics (JAMA)
  • What you need to know about Ebola (CDC)
  • Signs and symptoms of Ebola
  • How to prevent Ebola
  • Ebola transmission (CDC Q&A)
  • Ebola and pet (CDC Q&A)

Visit the Ebola Resource Center website at:


CDC’s Detailed Hospital Checklist for Ebola Preparedness

Click for direct access to pdf document:
Detailed Hospital Checklist for Ebola Preparedness

Welcome new Refworks users!

Welcome to the 6 new refworks users (so far this year)! Refworks is an invaluable tool to help you stay organized with your research. Here’s a few of the things a Refworks account allows you to do:

  • import search results from OvidSP, PubMed or Google
  • organize search results into folders
  • store fulltext of journal articles with the citation
  • share your reference lists/bibliographies
  • format your research papers in a wide variety of publisher/editoral styles (AMA, Chicago, MLA, APA, etc. or by journal author requirements for almost any journal)

Interested in learning more? View theĀ 20-min Getting Started Video or simply Sign Up for an account now (must be on a hospital networked computer; hospital affiliated medical staff & employees only). If off-site, contact the library for additional information on setting up an account. Need a little one-on-one to ask questions specific to you? Request time with one of our Refworks experts!